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Crowd Crusher

Дробилка толпы

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Описание билда

The Warlord - Aggressive frontline fighter built for Heavy CC's and strong execute ability. You will be able to pull HORDES of enemies much higher level and clear entire  regions AND DUNGEONS with this build.

Maelstrom will allow you to snowball DPS, pull enemies in for an AOE bomb and is a great instant burst when fighting other melee. For example, in a WAR crash down onto the center of the flag and unload hammer skills to initiate a team burst. As your group bursts AOE dmg, swap to great axe and pop maelstrom to pull and execute.

*ALTERNATIVE SKILL* Gravity well is useful for running people down and throwing a block in Wars and will set you up to be just like EVERY OTHER great axe user. If you time your light attack lunges correctly you will not need gravity well to close in on a kill, even while wearing FULL HEAVY ARMOR. I do not use gravity well mainly because I used it for the last couple of years in Alpha/Beta and I'm bored with it!

The key to this playstyle is grouping up enemies so that you maximize your AOE dmg and buff your SELF HEALING from Prevailing Spirit.

--------- GEMS ---------

Armor (WAR) - Opal gems to increase elemental dmg adsorption (fire and ice).

Greataxe - Emerald Gem - Increases damage against enemies at low health.

Warhammer - Malachite Gem - Increases damage against enemies afflicted with crowd control (CC).

--------- TIPS ---------

How to move FAST with this build:

Exhaustive Attacks: This passive applies exhaust for 5 seconds on any target that is hit with a crowd crusher ability. This is a DEBUFF, so make sure to follow up with a light or heavy attack on any target to proc Facilitated Expedition. This buff will give you haste (15% movement speed) for 3 seconds, which can be used to reposition out of danger or push in deeper into the battle. You can also swap weapons, use a great axe ability like Reap to pull a target in, swap back to war hammer and follow up with a light or heavy attack to proc Facilitated Expedition A SECOND TIME off of the very first Exhaustive Attack debuff.

5 sec debuff - 3 seconds of  haste = 2 seconds remaining to hit target and reapply haste buff for another 3 seconds of haste. The exhaustive attacks debuff does not disappear when you weapon swap! If you are patient with your crowd crusher abilities, you can maintain a haste buff 100% of the time you are using the War Hammer! This debuff may not seem like much (15% stam regen reduction) but if you land the war hammer heavy attacks you will CHUNK away at your target's stamina bar and even prevent them from blocking or evading.

--------- RECOMMENDED GEAR & BOSS DROP LOCATIONS --------- (coming soon)

--------- Armor/Weapon Perks ---------  (will update soon)

Shockwave - Armor Rend
Path of Destiny - Heal on Dmg Done
Clear Out - Increase Knockback Distance

Reap - Apply snare on target's below 50% HP (applies on second hit)
Maelstrom - Reduce Enemy Dmg
Charge - Probably something useful

~UPDATE~ I will post current armor soon! I slotted my planned gear for level 60. I will start with full heavy armor and then later a medium min maxed setup with Heavy Helm and Chest, Light Legs, Medium Gloves and Boots.

For armor min maxing please references this google doc:


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~Updated 10/18/2021~


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