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Fire Staff Waning Crescent


Тир: V


Gear Score (min): 500

Gear Score (max): 600

57 Базовый урон

4% Шанс критического удара

1.25 Множитель критического удара

34 Block Stamina Damage

34 Stagger Damage

15 Block Stability

12.6 Вес

3000 Прочность

Привязывается при одевании

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"Let the fires of your soul light your way in this land."

Mortal Lifesteal : When you kill something gain 2.15% health. ($2.15s cooldown.)

Телосложение +20

Интеллект +10

Lifestealing : You gain 1.07% of your damage as health. Does not trigger off persistent damage or DoT effects.

Luck : +2.68% chance at rare items from chests and monsters.