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Great Axe Dark Sky


Тир: V


Gear Score (min): 500

Gear Score (max): 600

82 Базовый урон

3% Шанс критического удара

1.40 Множитель критического удара

62 Block Stamina Damage

62 Stagger Damage

25 Block Stability

11.2 Вес

3000 Прочность

Привязывается при поднятии

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"When they came, they brought with them an eternal darkness. We never saw the light again."

Сила +15

Keenly Fortified : On Critical: gain 0.00% Fortify for $0.00s. (Cooldown $0.00s.)

Enchanted : Light and Heavy attacks deal 5.45% more damage.

Cruel IV : +12% damage against targets with an active Crowd Control status effect (Slow, Stun, Root.)

Fortifying Whirlwind : Whirlwind hits grant Fortify on self, increasing damage absorption by 13.09% for $13.09 seconds. (10 stacks max.)