Next, Select a song by pressing R which will open up the Song Seletion window. From here you will choose the difficulty of your song, which song you want to play, and which instrument you want to use. You will need to have that instrument equipped AND have learned every page of the sheet music of this song. We will go more into this in the Sheet Music Section.

New World Music Buffs (Rewards)
Next You will choose which Reward or Buff you want to receive once the song is complete. There are 6 Buffs that you can select:

Decidedly Dexterous – Increased Gathering Speed
Territorial Triumph – Increased Territory Standing Bonus
All Together Now – Increased Group XP Sharing Bonus
Song in Your Step – Reduced Player Encumberance
Fortune’s Favor – Increases Yeild When Gathering
Luck’s Labor – Increases Luck When Gathering
You will unlock these as you level up your music tradeskill. Each buff is unlocked at the following levels:

Decidedly Dexterous – Unlocked at level 2
Territorial Triumph – Unlocked at level 5
All Together Now – Unlocked at level 25
Song In Your Step – Unlocked at level 75
Fortune’s Favor – Unlocked at Level 100
Luck’s Labor – Unlocked at Level 150
Once the song is complete, the buff you apply with your song will last 1 hour. Each player can only have one active Music Buff Active at a time.

Insturments are new items in New World that are used to play music. There are 5 types of musical Instruments in New World

Upright Bass
Each Instrument has its own sets of Sheet Music but not all songs in New World use every Instrument. Just like other items in New World, Instruments have 4 tiers. Below are the number of perks you can get on an Instrument at each tier in New World

Tier II – 2 perks
Tier III – 3 perks
Tier IV – 4 perks
Tier V – 5 perks
Instruments are crafted using the Workshop and require the Furnishing Trade Skill. At this time, the only way to get an instrument is through Questing or Crafting. Unlike most items, Instruments have guaranteed quality (Rare, Epic, etc). There are no crafting mods for instruments.

You must have a lower tiered Instrument in order to craft a higher tiered version of that instrument. For Example, to Craft a Composer’s Upright Bass, you must have a Musician’s Upright Bass to craft it.

Sheet Music
Sheet Music is required to learn how to play all songs in New World. Each Instrument has its own set of Sheet Music. You learn a piece of Sheet Music by simply salvaging it. If you already know a piece of sheet music, you can sell it!

Some songs require multiple pages of Sheet Music to learn. You can tell how many pages of Sheet Music a song has, you can mouse over the Sheet Music. As you can see below, This is the Page 1 of 3 to the “Sneaky the Smuggler” Guitar Sheet Music. You will need to locate all pages of Sheet Music to be able to play a song.